• Simon Page-Designer & Maker

Why we are supporting Havens Hospices

We have just added a Charity & Projects page to the website.

We like to support local charities and community projects in our area with either fundraising or giving our time and skills for free.

Our chosen charity that we are supporting currently is Havens Hospices.

Havens Charity is very close to mine and my family's' hearts. I lost my Mum in 2009 to a brain tumor after a very short illness.

The staff at Havens were amazing and supported us every step of the way.

Most people associate a hospice with cancer but Havens do amazing things to help and support children, young adults, older people, and their families through every step of all illnesses that impact their lives on a daily basis. 

My first piece of woodwork was a Bird Table that I made for the site in Chalkwell, to go in their garden, in memory of my Mum.

I walked the Regents Canal challenge in 2010 for them and in July 2018,my wife, Kerry, shaved her hair off for them raising over £1800.

Kerry did an interview for her Company's website on why she decided to shave her head........

What made you decide to shave your hair?  I've done a few things for charity, such as climbing Kilimanjaro for Elise for Life in 2013 and Race for Life. Unfortunately I'm a bit older now and I had thought about shaving my head for charity before.

As it was the 5-year anniversary of my climb, I thought that this would be the ideal time to do it and raise money for such a worthy cause.

After the visit to Little Havens a few weeks ago with the Olympus KeyMed Charity Of The Year committee, I was humbled and moved by the relentless work that they do to support patients and families through very hard times.

Life is too short and if the money that I have raised helps someone have support or a better experience, then that will make proud.  What made you do this specifically for Havens? Havens is very close to me and my family's' hearts. We lost my Mum in law in 2009 to a brain tumor after a very short illness. 

The staff at Fairhaven's were amazing and supported us every step of the way.  Most people associate a hospice with cancer but Havens do amazing things to help and support children, young adults, older people and their families through every step of all illnesses that impact their lives on a daily basis.   Was you nervous before the shave and why? Yes, I was nervous not in a negative way but more in a positive way.

It made me feel really empowered. I also researched how shaving your hair off had made other people feel whether shaving it for charity or not. 

Of course, the big question was "How was I going to look after?"

I received a lot of support from my family and colleagues and if I did get some negative views, it made me more determined to do it. 

I am fortunate that I have a choice to do this, while many do not and I have been inspired by family and friends that have been touched by any life-threatening or terminal illness.  How did you feel during and after the shave? I was nervous and excited during the day and I got really emotional as the first piece was shaved off by my Mum. This wasn't because I thought " what have I done?" but it was because I was reflecting on my own personal losses within my family to Cancer in the recent years.

Once it was being shaved off, I was really excited to see what it looked like as everyone in the audience was making saying really lovely comments. I don't regret doing it, it's actually one of the best experiences I have ever had and I love having my hair this short now.  

If anyone is thinking of doing it, Just do it- you won't regret it 


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