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A little piece of Australia in your own back garden.....

After a visit to see relatives in Australia, our client wanted to have the look and feel of the Australian lifestyle in her own garden.

Our client contacted us and asked us to design a deck, pergola and storage area that was both original, utilitarian,attractive and reflected the memories they had from their trip.

The client also wanted a maritime feel to the project, much like the deck of a cruise ship and after discussion, Canadian Hardwood Maple was chosen, being thinner in dimension and lending it self perfectly to this look.

The base of the deck and the pergola was constructed in pressure treated timber, and rather than use standard deck boards, much higher quality Maple timber was selected.

The Maple was sourced and reclaimed from both a church hall in Manchester and a world class squash court in Essex, as we also believe in trying to help the environment by reclaiming materials that can always be reused.

Once the timber boards were back in our workshop, we began the significant amount of work that was required to bring them back to bare timber, ready for oiling.

This involved extensive de-nailing, sawing, scraping and sanding with a floor sander, but the extra work was well worth it, to bring out the beautiful grain of the Canadian Hard Maple.

To make this deck unique and not the run-of-the-mill square shape, a decision was made to soften the edges, which was to feature of a gentle curve that was repeated throughout, including the front edge of the pergola.

This proved to be a challenge as we wanted the curve to be smooth.The maple was cut into thinner dimensions, and then bent into shape. These thin pieces were then glued back together to achieve the soft curved shape.

The corner seating area also doubles up as large storage boxes.

Maritime style hinges and flush ring-pull handles were used to continue the theme, and the privacy screen also incorporates the gentle curve.

Every screw in the deck boards (approximately 1000) were sunk below the surface and each one plugged with a Maple plug to hide the hole and ensure a clean finish.

Once completed the entire project was coated with a Rosewood tinted deck oil for a lustrous, rich finish.

Completed Maple Deck

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